Saturday, November 24, 2012


I'm back, finally!

Well, I truly thought to have a book published each month, but that is no longer possible. Late September, my hubby and I would smell gas in our house. The smell was strong around our furnace . . . so long story short . . . had to get a new furnace; old one was 12 yrs. old. It cost $3,000.00, which pretty much robbed me of getting Personal Justice 4 & 5 done. And to think I would only have had 3 more to finish the 8 book series. :'(

Then a few weeks later . . . "Screams to be heard in the next county" My kitchen sinks decides it wants to be clogged! So being the type to not poison the environment I turned to YouTube for help and tried for two days the Baking soda & Vinegar followed later by boiling hot water! DIDN'T WORK! So we went to Menards and bought that stuff in the black bottle that is sold in a plastic bag for your protection. We bought it b/c a few months ago used Drano for bathtub and it didn't do a damn thing! So we used the horrible stuff and it also failed to do its job!

Enter a plumber! So for about 20 minutes he snaked my kitchen pipe and it cost me $400.00, then a week or so later, my daughter's dog only about a year old, decided to jump off a 3rd floor balcony, but apparently he was okay and ran lose for a couple hours only to get it by a car. Roscoe was an awesome dog, wonderful with the kids and he didn't deserve to die especially after jumping off that balcony. So, I had to pay for his cremation $ 240.00.

Something tells me that getting my books done is going to be complete hell and I thought I had spent enough time there already!!!!

I have been working diligently to get the Personal Justice series done. Technically they are done; I am just re-reading and polishing them up for my editor. It's been a couple years since I have read them and I can't help getting caught up in them.

I am thinking of ways to get money to finish them, because I still have about 24 more books to go and I am sure I will write a few more along the way. Anyone have about $35,000.00 lying around that they aren't currently using? ROFL just kiddin' ;)

I might try to set up a new Indiegogo Campaign. I so want to get the entire PJ series done for you all to enjoy I hope as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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