Saturday, November 24, 2012


I'm back, finally!

Well, I truly thought to have a book published each month, but that is no longer possible. Late September, my hubby and I would smell gas in our house. The smell was strong around our furnace . . . so long story short . . . had to get a new furnace; old one was 12 yrs. old. It cost $3,000.00, which pretty much robbed me of getting Personal Justice 4 & 5 done. And to think I would only have had 3 more to finish the 8 book series. :'(

Then a few weeks later . . . "Screams to be heard in the next county" My kitchen sinks decides it wants to be clogged! So being the type to not poison the environment I turned to YouTube for help and tried for two days the Baking soda & Vinegar followed later by boiling hot water! DIDN'T WORK! So we went to Menards and bought that stuff in the black bottle that is sold in a plastic bag for your protection. We bought it b/c a few months ago used Drano for bathtub and it didn't do a damn thing! So we used the horrible stuff and it also failed to do its job!

Enter a plumber! So for about 20 minutes he snaked my kitchen pipe and it cost me $400.00, then a week or so later, my daughter's dog only about a year old, decided to jump off a 3rd floor balcony, but apparently he was okay and ran lose for a couple hours only to get it by a car. Roscoe was an awesome dog, wonderful with the kids and he didn't deserve to die especially after jumping off that balcony. So, I had to pay for his cremation $ 240.00.

Something tells me that getting my books done is going to be complete hell and I thought I had spent enough time there already!!!!

I have been working diligently to get the Personal Justice series done. Technically they are done; I am just re-reading and polishing them up for my editor. It's been a couple years since I have read them and I can't help getting caught up in them.

I am thinking of ways to get money to finish them, because I still have about 24 more books to go and I am sure I will write a few more along the way. Anyone have about $35,000.00 lying around that they aren't currently using? ROFL just kiddin' ;)

I might try to set up a new Indiegogo Campaign. I so want to get the entire PJ series done for you all to enjoy I hope as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hello, I am have put both Personal Justice 1 & Personal Justice 2 on Amazon.
Book 3 is currently being edited and will be available late October. I am sort of in a rut (more so canyon) my furnance went Kaput and now I have resorted to getting funding to help in the editing and publishing of the last 5 books of the Personal Justice 8 book series. Hopefully I can generate even more to help with my other 20+ books of which I have written over the years. Shrugs, only time will tell.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Stop by and check it out!  Thanks in Advance! ;)

Okay, well it's Midnight and I know the timer of the blog is wrong.  Nightie night!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hello!  Well it's been 3 months damn near to the day. I have been extremely busy revamping book 1 - about two months of bouncing it back n forth with my new Editor (A REAL editor!). The one who first did my book was horrible (IMO no better than a fifth grader.) Well, Book 1 is finally done!! Whoo Hoo!!!

It is FREE 9-22 / 9-23 (today and Tomorrow!) Grab a copy and please leave a review ;) Thank you all so much!

Book 2 Can you feel the tension. . . Coming October 2012!!!

~ Spyder

Thursday, June 21, 2012

For my B-day I am offering 1/2 off my first book -
Coupon code: GR39P Enjoy!!

Personal Justice 1 (Book 1 of a 4 book series)

Cover for 'Personal Justice 1'
By Spyder
$9.99 Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: March 31, 2012
Words: 209436 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781934815021

Extended description
Personal Justice is an intriguing Novel of Survival, of involuntarily being a victim and overcoming what horrors life throws at you. We all take Life for granted until the day we are faced with unfathomable Tragedy and Loss. Zachary, a prominent Defense Attorney, had it all - a beautiful sister, caring and loving mother, and his father, a successful doctor. The day Tragedy darkened his door; he was then consumed with unbridled anger and rage. It was not long before he had devised a plan that put him above the Law and what he swore an oath to. Sometimes, we need someone to lookout for those of us who can’t do so for ourselves. Personal Justice – sometimes must be served up, even if it is by a stranger’s hand!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Well, it just keeps getting better and better!  My printer said she would waive the fee and put me in a Book Distribution company and then I would be on Amazon.  Then a few weeks ago I saw my book on the Barnes & Noble website, Oh too cool!  So I go to Barnes & Noble and speak to the manager about what all would entail having a book signing.  Well, he wouldn't do it because my book is in the POD category and if all the books don't sell they are not returnable.  I said, hell, I would buy them and bring them in, have the signing and what sells we split the profits.  Oh hell no!  They don't go for that!

So, I am very upset to say the least, angry all the way home thinking of what I could do.  I send my printer an email and she finally gets back to me I believe a day later.  Well, this is the email she sent me.  And what pisses me off is that she acts like I am a complete idiot.  I guess I was, because I let those bastards screw me over!  I honestly can't have a book signing unless it is my own damn garage!!!


We have done what we can and your book is no longer at B & N (but you are not out of the POD program). See the note below. Also, you are going to need books at your book signing, you realize that right? Barnes and Noble won’t do a book signing without books which is partly why they said what the did about POD. You can still be in the POD program and as long as you and your B & N manager agree on how many books you will need to come with (you have to pay for these remember) then you should have no trouble setting up the book signing.

If you need anything else, let me know,

Okay, for starters.  I NEED books for a book signing.  Really????  You don't say.  Thought maybe I would just sign post-it notes saying I owe you!!!!  Oh, and I would have to pay for the books.  Again, Really????  Thought since I trusted them to print my books that maybe they would just hand over a thousand or so and let me get back to them with the money I owe them! 

Is the world so full of stupid people??  They have truly screwed me over and pretty much I now have to waste my time looking for someone else to print my books.  And when I do I will be very pleased to tell them to take me out of the POD program.  Don't care for it much!  I spent over 20 years of my life in the spare time I could from my husband, and two kids and moving every 3 years because we were in the Military.  After the kids started school I had to go to work.  But, I spent nearly half my life writing this 4 book series and with my book on Amazon I get LESS than $2.00/ book.  And I never get a notification when one has sold.  I have read about other Authors, they do believe they NEVER see all of their earnings!

Sometimes I should have just listened to myself and just burned all of my books and lived like a normal person and just dashed all my stupid dreams, because sadly they have become a NIGHTMARE!!!

Well, I know this doesn't really matter to anyone, I just needed to vent but still dredge on...NOTE TO SELF...if you have dreams make sure they are ones that cannot be squelched by others!!!!!!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Well, marketing your own book to gain the eyes of potential readers is unbelievably nerve racking!  I am signed in to so many different places that I seem to be losing my mind and remember them!  I have a spreadsheet, but I just want to scream.  Hopefully when I release Book 2 it will be less daunting. :)  I really need a Vacation - sadly haven't had one in years!!!